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Save Money

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Knowing the market and pricing it right is crucial.


You can always reach us. We work 24/7 all year long.


You will have all the contacts to experience the smoothest transaction possible.


We market your property through the MLS, Social Media (Facebook, Instagram), open houses and shoot video tours.
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The Works

No cutting corners. You get a for sale sign, a lockbox and professional photos taken.

Selling Steps

1. Meet with our Realtor and agree list price, commissions and sign all the required paperwork.

2. Gather required property documentation:

  • Real Property Report ($600-$1000).
  • Professional Measurements (Required by CREB).
  • Condominium Documents (If Required).

3. Prepare the property for showings:​

  • Staging
  • Cleaning
  • Maintenance

4. Take professional photos of the property.

5. Set up "For Sale" sign and install lockbox.

  • With the lockbox in place, your house key is securely in place and only other licenced agents (after your authorization and confirmation) can open it. The advantage is the convenience of not having to show the property yourself and facilitate more showings.

6. After deal is firm - Cancel the following:

  • Property Taxes (TIPP)
  • Condo Fees (If Applicable)
  • Utilities
  • Insurance

7. Closing: You will need to meet with a lawyer 1-14 before possession to sign off.

8. On Possession Day, meet with your Realtor to collect keys.

Showing Tips


Unfortunately, some Realtors may request showings during inconvenient times (Night-time, short-notice).

We will clearly publish that ample notice is appreciated so you have time to make the appropriate preparations for showings. However, some Realtors disregard these remarks and may request showings regardless.

As your Realtor, it is our job to advise the seller of any showing request despite these inconveniences.


    1. Keep the house clean.
    2. Please keep valuables (Jewelry, etc.) in a safe place or out of the house.
    3. Cooking: Avoid deep fried food, strong spices and dirty dishes.
    4. You can: Add smells, apply air freshener and bake cookies.

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